Posted in August 2012

Staying Positive?

For all the wonderfulness that Sunday brought and carried into Monday, yesterday was one of those days that made me question nearly every decision I have ever made while running into oncoming traffic, screaming about Big Brother.  Or something. My day job literally made me crazy.  I have too much to do, not enough time to … Continue reading

One of the Best Decisions I’ve Made

If you read my post from Saturday evening, you know that I planned to attend the UCLA Writers Faire yesterday.  I did attend and let me tell you, it was one of the best decisions I’ve made! It was so comforting, rewarding and inspiring to be around like-minded people (or equally obsessed people!) and I’m … Continue reading

Weekly Weigh In

So I decided to follow my friend Megan’s advice and officially weigh myself in only once a week instead of daily.  Of course I have still been getting on the scale every morning and watching my weight fluctuate all over the board.  It’s crazy.  In any event, my weight this morning was 143 pounds.  I … Continue reading

Keep it Moving

I am titling this post with a phrase that my friend Donna uses a lot – – have to keep it moving!  I haven’t posted in several days – – bad me.  Sometimes life gets in the way of living, if you know what I mean.   But I am still sticking with the diet although I … Continue reading

Day Twelve – No Loss

I forewarn you, I am starting this post feeling grouchy and downright discouraged.  Why?  Because I gained weight yet again.  Yes, I know it happens.  And I know I need to stick with my plan and I’ll start losing again.  But it’s frustrating, nonetheless, when you don’t see results and the fruits of your labor. We … Continue reading

Day Eleven

Ah, Thursday.  Why are Thursdays usually so long and taxing?  My mood was good yesterday but I was thoroughly exhausted and longing for my pajamas and my bed or sofa by the time I left work.  I was busy all day; the kind of day where I had very few breaks in between.  I was … Continue reading

Day Ten

Starting Weight:  144.0 pounds Exercise:  Walking G, morning and evening Acid Reflux:  None Breakfast:  Weight Loss Shake (WalMart Equate brand) Morning Snack:  Dill pickles with fat free ranch Lunch:  Santa Fe Chicken Salad Afternoon Snack:  Corn Muffin Dinner:  Cheesy Chicken with Broccoli and Rice Well, it’s Wednesday.  If we can get through today, we have … Continue reading

Day Nine

Starting Weight:  144.6 pounds Exercise:  Walking G in the morning and evening Acid Reflux:  None! Breakfast:  Weight Loss Shake (WalMart brand Equate) Morning Snack:  SlimFast snack bar Lunch:  Peanut butter and jelly sandwich on wheat Afternoon Snack:  None (this is becoming a habit) Dinner:  Chicken, green beans and tomatoes I’m down 5 pounds!  Woot!  The … Continue reading

Day Eight

Starting Weight:  146.2 pounds Exercise:  Walking G, morning and evening; took the stairs instead of the elevator Acid Reflux:  What acid reflux? Breakfast:  Weight Loss Shake (Walmart brand Equate) Morning Snack:  Corn muffin Lunch:  Peanut butter & jelly sandwich on wheat Afternoon Snack:  None (work continues to interfere with my afternoon snack) Dinner:  Leftover chicken and … Continue reading