Day One

So my journey begins . . .

I am a writer by nature but I have never written about my eating habits, exercise habits or my lifestyle (other than snarking about celebrities).  Writing about my weight, my food consumption and my absolute lack of exercise seemed too personal somehow to share; plus I thought who wants to hear about that?  It’s possible that no one wants to hear about it but I feel the need to chronicle the upcoming changes so that I will be diligent about sticking with it.

What led me to make these changes?  Mostly, I don’t like how I feel and how I look.  In short, I’m tired of being tired.  I hate that I have zero energy.  One day, God willing, I will be 80 years old but I don’t want to feel like that now.

I also suffer from acid reflux and letting my diet go to hell has made my acid reflux symptoms worse.

Although I started today with changes to my diet, tomorrow I will begin noting my weight with morning weigh-ins and details on what I eat throughout the day.

I hope you will stick with me on this journey!


6 thoughts on “Day One

  1. Good luck Lori! I need some motivation to get back on the wagon – still log my WW pts. everyday (mostly) but really have just been maintaining, not losing. I need to exercise but am so lazy.

  2. Thanks, Megan! I fell off the wagon over a year ago; it’s hard to stay on it sometimes, especially with our busy schedules. Good for you on keeping up with your WW points. I am thinking of bringing my tennis shoes to work once or twice a week and walking at lunchtime.

    • I would do that if it wasn’t so dang HOT and HUMID right now. Need to make my lazy butt get up an hour early in morning and exercise, I used to, but once you get out of routine, it is VERY hard for me to get back in it – would rather sleep – ugh! It sounds like you are off to a great start!!!

      • It has actually been hot out here this week and humid, believe it or not! So right now definitely isn’t a good time to start walking at the hottest point of the day. Once we hit cooler weather, or at least temperatures more in line with this time of year, I may start doing it. I have some audiobooks on my Kindle so I could listen to a book while I walk (multi-tasking!)

        And I’m not about to get up early to get into the fitness room. Just not going to happen. I’ll get up early to read or watch one of my recorded shows before work but I know I won’t to exercise. Yep, priorities. 😉

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