Day Two

Weigh in!

Starting Weight:  149.6 pounds

With the exception of aggravating acid reflux after lunch and after dinner, my first day went well.  Funny how I took the stairs instead of the elevator and my body promptly responded by not only breaking into a sweat but punishing me with the acid reflux – – which I have historically never gotten until bedtime.  I suppose my body is freaking out over the lack of caffeine and cola.  Too bad!  I am the captain of this ship and it’s getting in shape.

My food consumption consisted of a weight loss shake for breakfast, a SlimFast bar for a morning snack 3 hours later, a tuna fish sandwich on wheat at lunch and some peanut butter crackers in the afternoon (again, 3 hours later).  Dinner was some hot and sour soup (yum).  I only drank water throughout the day, although I do add the Crystal Light/Kool Aid flavor packets to jazz it up (grape flavor is my favorite).

My day at work seemed better; I felt more relaxed and not as stressed.  Hopefully that little trend will continue today.  I am definitely taking a bottle of Tums with me . . . just in case.

Happy Tuesday!

Breakfast:  2 Nutrigrain waffles with sugar-free syrup

Morning snack:  Weight loss shake

Lunch:  Tuna fish sandwich on wheat

Afternoon snack:  Peanut butter crackers

Dinner:  Chicken and green beans


3 thoughts on “Day Two

  1. I have a couple of suggestions if you would like them.

    First, buy a food scale. It really helps with measuring portion sizes. Use the food scale and measuring cups to check portions of everything. You might be surprised that your normal serving is way more than the suggested serving size.

    It was helpful to me to actually log my food and exercise. I use but another site that other friends have used is Myfitnesspal seems to be more complete in certain things, but I have almost 3 years of data on 411fit, so I’m not changing. Both let you log your food and exercise and provide goals for the day. 411fit even grades you throughout the day as to how you are doing in meeting your daily goals.

    If you can afford it, buy a heart rate monitor that tracks your calorie burn. The “best” version from what I have heard is a fitbit. You wear it all day and it tracks your actual calorie burn throughout the day vs. just during exercise. Both will give you good information. I have a Polar version and it’s a good starting point. I found that the 411fit site overestimated my calorie burn by quite a bit as my metabolism stinks, so the more accurate data from the HRM helped me be more realistic about my calories burned and, therefore, my real calorie consumption.

    Good luck!

  2. Thank you, Susan! I heard from another girlfriend that the Fitbit is the way to go. I will definitely be checking that out. I didn’t know about the websites so I will be investigating those, as well as a food scale.

    Happy Tuesday!

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