Day Three

Starting Weight:  149.0 pounds

BMI (Body Mass Index):  25.6 (officially overweight)

Yesterday started well enough but it turned out to be a tough day.  Half an hour or so after I had my weight loss shake, I got a splitting headache that made me feel sick to my stomach.  I also got hot and cold chills and stomach cramps.  After some research, I felt that I was having these flu-like symptoms from the cold turkey caffeine withdrawal I elected to do.  As much as I didn’t want to have any cola, I was unable to focus and be productive at work and so I bought the smallest size Dr. Pepper I could find.  Within fifteen minutes of taking some sips, my headache was gone, my stomach eased up and no more hot and cold chills.

So I am disappointed that I’m not able to just cut the caffeine at once but will need to wean myself off over th next week.  Sigh.

Other than that, it was fine – – I wasn’t hungry outside my meals and snacks.  I walked my dog in the morning and in the evening so I did get that small bit of exercise.  Hopefully this weekend or next week I can begin incorporating an exercise routine into my schedule.

Breakfast:  Weight Loss Shake

Morning Snack:  Baby carrots (raw) with fat free ranch dressing

Lunch:  Mixed green salad with vinaigrette dressing

Afternoon Snack:  SlimFast snack bar

Dinner:  Fish filets with macaroni & cheese

Happy Wednesday!


4 thoughts on “Day Three

  1. I have the exact same BMI. The kids are going back to school next week and I am getting ready to get back into my normal routine. I have learned that giving up caffeine for me is impossible. The world was just too hateful without it and I only have 2 cups of coffee in the morning. Good luck! I’m enjoying following you and hope to join you in shedding some extra lbs.

    • Thanks, Sheila! It does make a difference when the kids are out of school. Any difference to our normal routines can throw your entire body off.

      I think if I had kept my caffeine in severe moderation, I’d be okay. But I got lazy and let the pounds creep up. Now I’ve got to get them off. I was successful two years ago; hoping to repeat history. 🙂

      Happy Friday!

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