Day Four

Starting Weight:  149.6 pounds

Exercise:  Walked the dog in the morning and in the evening; took the stairs rather than the elevator; if jumping up, running around and having to follow behind the boss counted, I’d have a gold medal

Acid Reflux:  None

Well, I am at that discouraging point of dieting changes where the yo-yo-ing happens.  I remember this happening two years ago, when I initially did this diet.  For the first week or so, until my body became accustomed, I would have days where my weight did not change, or it actually slightly went up.  It is frustrating and I can understand how people give up quickly; I’m impatient and I want to see results quickly.

In any event, I’m hanging in there.  My day went fairly decently yesterday.  I took a small plastic cup of Dr. Pepper with me to work to ward off any more caffeine withdrawal symptoms.  I found the baby carrots I ate for my morning snack to be filling enough; sadly, the mixed greens salad I took for lunch was not nearly as satisfying.  I like a good salad but I obviously need something else with it – – I was hungry less than two hours after eating.

My energy level was low.  I came home and just wanted to flop down on the sofa and do nothing else.  My neck is also out of alignment and it was giving me a horrible ache that radiated into my head.  Hopefully I can make it to the chiropractor today after work before he closes.

Breakfast:  Weight Loss Shake

Morning Snack:  SlimFast Snack Bar

Lunch:  Peanut butter and jelly on wheat

Afternoon Snack:  None; busy with a project at work and missed it

Dinner:  Hot and sour soup

Wishing you a happy Thursday!


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