Day Six

Starting Weight:  147.8 pounds

Exercise:   Walking the dog

Acid Reflux:  None (hooray!)

Oh, how I love Saturdays.  I don’t have to wake up early to head in to work (although I am still, sadly, an early riser) and I know that tomorrow I can also sleep in (if I choose and if I could!)

My weight is slowly but surely starting to come down.  If I can continue to lose around a pound a day, on average, I can reach my goal of losing 20 pounds within a month.  I would be very, very pleased with that – – although I know the weight will initially come off quicker and those last 5 or so pounds is the hardest.

My energy level was better yesterday and my mood was good.  I had a quarter of my Tervis cup of Dr. Pepper – – definitely consuming less and less!

I am continuing to stay motivated, mainly by seeing a weight loss when I get on that scale in the morning and knowing how much better I will feel and look once I hit my goal.  I won’t say it’s not hard – – I love me some Krispy Kremes and I was craving one (or three) last night.  Yuuuuummmmm.  I have some Blue Bunny ice cream in my freezer (flavor: red velvet cake – – heaven) and I haven’t touched it.

So what works for you?  What keeps you motivated?

Happy Saturday!

Breakfast:  Weight Loss Shake

Morning Snack:  Corn muffin

Lunch:  Hot and sour soup

Afternoon Snack:  None (late lunch!)

Dinner:  Bourbon chicken


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