Day Eight

Starting Weight:  146.2 pounds

Exercise:  Walking G, morning and evening; took the stairs instead of the elevator

Acid Reflux:  What acid reflux?

Breakfast:  Weight Loss Shake (Walmart brand Equate)

Morning Snack:  Corn muffin

Lunch:  Peanut butter & jelly sandwich on wheat

Afternoon Snack:  None (work continues to interfere with my afternoon snack)

Dinner:  Leftover chicken and green beans


Someone please explain to me why I am often more exhausted on Mondays than on Fridays.  Doesn’t it make sense that I would be more exhausted on Friday, the end of the week, after working all week?  Nope!   I seem to be more exhausted on Monday morning.  I really don’t like Monday mornings.  I drag and I dread going into work because I know my boss has worked all weekend and I will walk in, already behind.  Joy!

I do need to work on getting my attitude in check.  Heck, if I leave the house pissy and convinced that my day is going to suck, it probably will.  I know as I get in better shape and healthier, I won’t be as tired and my mood will improve.

Did anyone watch The Closer‘s series finale tonight?  If so, what did you think?  I just love Kyra Sedgwick as Brenda, I love Fritz and I love Joel the cat!  I am going to miss this show, it was so well done.  I am going to give Major Crimes a chance although without Brenda, Fritz, Joel and even Gabriel!!!, it won’t be the same.

Right now I am watching Real Housewives of New York.  Husband thinks I just love the drama, which is why I watch all the Housewives shows.  Hmmm, I don’t know about loving drama but watching these crazy women makes me feel better about myself and my life!  Plus, I enjoy the scenery and real estate porn on some of the franchises.

Happy Monday all!



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