Day Nine

Starting Weight:  144.6 pounds

Exercise:  Walking G in the morning and evening

Acid Reflux:  None!

Breakfast:  Weight Loss Shake (WalMart brand Equate)

Morning Snack:  SlimFast snack bar

Lunch:  Peanut butter and jelly sandwich on wheat

Afternoon Snack:  None (this is becoming a habit)

Dinner:  Chicken, green beans and tomatoes

I’m down 5 pounds!  Woot!  The slacks I wore today didn’t feel as snug as they did last week.  Hooray!  This is probably the best motivation possible when you’re changing your diet and hitting the weight loss trail.

You’ve probably noticed that my lunches haven’t been full-on “healthy eating”.  I’m not eating just salads and organic foods, “clean” foods only, etc.  This is why I love the “Great Taste No Pain” diet.  It’s the diet I used two years ago, to combat my acid reflux/GERD.  Not only did it take it away, I also lost 15 pounds!   The main key to this diet is what types of food you eat together (for instance, the old “meat and potatoes” is one of the worst things to eat together) and to make sure you allow enough time for your stomach to digest food before you drink anything or add more food.  It’s that simple!  Really!  I can be the most undedicated diet follower ever so if I can do this, anyone can.

The only side-effect to this change in my diet that I have noticed is some slight stomach cramping.  I can deal with that.  I think my system is still trying to acclimate to the lack of caffeine, cookies and general sugary junk food that have given me an energy burst and gotten me through the day.

Give it a try.  You can find information on it here:  Great Taste No Pain.

Soooo . . . is anyone watching Shark Week on the Discovery Channel?   Sharks scare the bejeebus out of me but I’m still fascinated by them.  Thank goodness they aren’t land creatures!

Happy Tuesday!


2 thoughts on “Day Nine

  1. Hey there. Congrats on your progress 🙂 The Great Taste No Pain diet sounds interesting–something I could probably stick with.

    And I love shark week! Sharks are very scary to me, so you’re not alone with that. My logic is this–If I don’t go in open water, I can’t get bitten by one 😛


  2. Thank you, Lela!

    I would definitely recommend Great Taste No Pain. It really doesn’t feel as restrictive as a “normal” diet because you can eat almost anything you like, provided when you eat it and what you eat it with. And if you suffer from any type of digestive issue, I wouldn’t hesitate.

    Isn’t it funny that people like us, who are scared of sharks, are so fasinated with them? They really are crazy, terrifying things.

    Happy Wednesday!

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