Day Eleven

Ah, Thursday.  Why are Thursdays usually so long and taxing?  My mood was good yesterday but I was thoroughly exhausted and longing for my pajamas and my bed or sofa by the time I left work.  I was busy all day; the kind of day where I had very few breaks in between.  I was working on one primary client throughout the day and got nothing else accomplished.  I really don’t like leaving the office with my desk covered in files and papers.  It certainly makes me dread heading in on Friday morning.

I envy those people who have Fridays off.  Heck, I envy those people who can manage to work four days a week . . . or those people who can work half days.  I would love to work half days.  It seems I am most productive in the morning anyhow; it would be dreamy to leave for the day at noon versus just my lunch break.

What about you? Do you work a conventional Monday – Friday job?  If so, do you find yourself finding it easier or more difficult to follow your dieting/exercise/weight loss goals on the weekends?  Myself, I seem to do better on the weekends.  I can follow the 3 hour rule between eating (at least certain foods) more diligently since I am generally on my own timetable and not the boss’s or a client’s.  I also have access at home to my refrigerator, a microwave, a toaster . . . I work out of my boss’s home office and therefore I don’t have a break room.  I have no microwave, no toaster, no refrigerator.  It makes lunches very challenging some days and on others, downright impossible.  After all, we all get tired of cold sandwiches after a while, or a salad, right?

Here is hoping everyone has a fantastic Friday and it’s 5 p.m. before we know it!


Starting Weight:  144.4 pounds  (I gained .4 – – blech)

Exercise:  Walking G morning and evening; taking the stairs at the office

Acid Reflux:  None.  I thought I might have felt some coming on after lunch but nada!

Mood:  Good, productive but tired at the end of the day

Breakfast:  Weight Loss Shake (Walmart brand Equate)

Morning Snack:  Apple slices

Lunch:  Two slices of cheese pizza  (I decided to treat myself and ate at the deli down the street.  Their lunch special is the pizza with a drink for $5.  In days past, I would get the pizza, a soft drink as my drink and even get one of their delicious homemade chocolate chip cookies.  I was good and only got the pizza and chose water out of the drink machine – – even though they have changed to Coke products and now have Dr. Pepper!  I just reminded myself of how awful I felt last week going through caffeine withdrawal and the water looked that much better.)

Afternoon Snack:  None (working, working and meeting with a client)

Dinner:  Popcorn chicken (This was a bit of a cheat.  I am not supposed to have breaded chicken but I was tired and Hubby did the dinner.  I also had a side salad but was too full after the chicken to eat it)

Beverages:  Water (plain and with the flavor packets added)


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