Day Twelve – No Loss

I forewarn you, I am starting this post feeling grouchy and downright discouraged.  Why?  Because I gained weight yet again.  Yes, I know it happens.  And I know I need to stick with my plan and I’ll start losing again.  But it’s frustrating, nonetheless, when you don’t see results and the fruits of your labor.

We are an impatient society.  We want immediate results, immediate action.  I am no different.  Heck, I was born premature (talk about impatient!) and I haven’t changed too much in that regard in the last forty-some odd years.  I confess that at times I can be a Type A driver.  Have you ever found yourself pushing a little bit more on the accelerator when you see a car approaching, to keep them from passing you?  Yep, I’ve done it and most of the time I have no idea why.   Maybe we’re just that competitive as a society.    I’ve gotten better about it as I’ve gotten older but we see people all the time that do it.  Just wait until you come upon a slower moving vehicle and go to pass it.  Seems that nine times out of ten, that car will see you attempting to pass and speed up.

So I freely admit that I would love to see more immediate results of my efforts.  I know, I know.  I haven’t been working on this diet long – – not quite two weeks.  And I will stick with it, although I am working on my grocery list for the commissary and not super thrilled (mostly because my bi-monthly trips to the commissary are among my least favorite chores).  Have you ever been to a commissary on the weekend?  Right after payday?  Not just crowded but I have encountered some of the rudest people around.  You would think most everyone would be friendly and accommodating; after all, we are all military families.  But no . . . some of these women (I’m not being stereotypical, it’s just that the majority of the shoppers are women) will ram you from behind with a shopping cart and then glare at you as if it’s your fault because you were in their path and then go on without a word of apology.   And I just love the people who bring their babies and small children at naptime to go shopping.  You can literally hear the screams from one end of the store to the other.  Fun for everyone!

At some point today I need to head to Staples to get Junior some school supplies.  He is never given a list until school starts and each teacher has their own list of requested items but there are some standards that can be picked up and today is the last day of a sale and the last day of  my 20% coupon.  If you need to pick up some supplies for your kid(s) you may want to check out Staples today.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday, either a relaxing one or a fun-filled one as the summer begins to come to a close.

Friday’s Starting Weight:  145.0 pounds (my scale is obviously bidding not to be my friend)

Exercise:  Walked G morning and evening

Acid Reflux:  None!

Mood:  Fairly good; I really think Fridays should universally be half-days at work

Breakfast:  Weight Loss Shake (Walmart brand Equate)

Morning Snack:  Slim Fast Snack Bar

Lunch:  Peanut butter and jelly sandwich on wheat bread

Afternoon Snack:  None (really no surprise there)

Dinner:  One bowl of French Onion soup

Beverages:  Water throughout the day; nothing with meals


2 thoughts on “Day Twelve – No Loss

  1. maybe you shouldn’t be weighing yourself everyday, I pick one day of the week and that is my “weigh-in” date – my weight goes up and down daily, weighing everyday would drive me nuts! don’t be discouraged, you’re doing a great job!

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