Keep it Moving

I am titling this post with a phrase that my friend Donna uses a lot – – have to keep it moving!  I haven’t posted in several days – – bad me.  Sometimes life gets in the way of living, if you know what I mean.   But I am still sticking with the diet although I have decided not to weigh in every day, or at least post my weight daily.  My friend Megan suggested that perhaps I should weigh myself weekly and that will probably suit me better since my weight has been all over the board.  Honestly, lose a pound one day, gain a pound, lose almost three pounds, gain two back.  It’s bizarre.

As much as I dislike grocery shopping in general, Saturday was not terribly bad for me – – despite getting a late start and hitting the road at the absolute hottest part of the day.  What was I thinking?  Anyhow, no cookies or sugary treats managed to find their way into my cart.  I did, however, grab a box of Skinny Cow ice cream because hey, a girl’s gotta have something.  (I did rationalize this because Skinny Cow is fat free and if I’m going to give up Dr. Pepper and Mr. Pibb, I need my ice cream.)  The produce department with the vegetables and fresh herbs eyed me warily because, frankly, we’ve never been properly introduced before.  I even bought some fresh fish (tilapia) and the plan is to have that tonight for dinner.

I made an amazing spaghetti sauce from scratch on Sunday.  DE-licious doesn’t begin to cover it.  I am going to post the recipe, taken from Sherry Brescia’s cookbook, under a separate post if you are game to try it.   Not only does it taste (and smell) wonderful but it’s full of natural ingredients and is healthy to boot.

I have created a new page for this site for recipes and I hope to post some good ones.  If you have one – – or more than one! – – please feel free to share it with me.  There is no such thing as too many good recipes.

I hope everyone is enjoying these last days of August and summer.  Fall (and the new t.v. season) is right around the corner.  Is anyone watching Hotel Hell?  I caught an episode this past Monday because I love Gordon Ramsey.  Strange, I know, but I love his ballsy personality and his accent is to die for.  I used to watch Hotel Inspector off BBC America and loved it.  I wish it was still on.  I do catch Hotel Impossible on the Travel Network.  I enjoy it.  And no, I do not work in the hotel or hospitality industry but am obviously fascinated by shows that deal with them.  I love Tabatha Coffey’s reality show on Bravo. When does that come back on?  I also DVR’d Copper, a new show on BBC America.  Is anyone watching?  It takes place in New York in 1864. It’s very dark and dirty and gritty and so far, I’m hooked.  I definitely get drawn into shows easily – – one episode and I’m looking to set the season pass on the DVR.   And of course Grimm.  I love Grimm.  I love Monroe from Grimm.  I haven’t watched Monday’s episode yet.  Hubby had overnight duty last night so we should be watching tonight.  I’m sure it’s a good one!

Have a fantastic day!



4 thoughts on “Keep it Moving

  1. we love the SC ice cream cones; also the WW frozen desserts are really good – the one we love is like a snickers bar with ice cream – yum, yum! they also have the SC candy bars and turles, they are good too.

  2. Megan, I got the SC cones with the vanilla ice cream and the drizzle of caramel on top. LOVE caramel. Yum yum. I have tried some of the WW frozen desserts in the past; need to check them out again since there are so many. I think I had the mini ice cream cups.

    I have had the SC “snack” bars and the clusters. Soooooo good.

    • I get the vanilla/caramel drizzle ones for me and chocolate for Merlin, then 1/2 the time I eat all his chocolate ones too since he’s never home – oh well, you snooze you lose!!! I like the WW with the cookie crust bottom and cookie dough ice cream – Merlin likes the one with the peanut butter cup candies in it. you’re making me want ice cream now!

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