One of the Best Decisions I’ve Made

If you read my post from Saturday evening, you know that I planned to attend the UCLA Writers Faire yesterday.  I did attend and let me tell you, it was one of the best decisions I’ve made!

It was so comforting, rewarding and inspiring to be around like-minded people (or equally obsessed people!) and I’m gratified that I met some new friends who are also aiming to be published writers.  For such a large group of people, every single person was friendly, welcoming and thrilled to be there.

The instructors/speakers were not only teachers but also published authors and their advice came not only from the heart but from experience.  I gained so much knowledge and insight.

The biggest things I took away from the Faire?

*  Writers write.  If you’re going to be a writer, you need to make the decision to write.

*  You need to make writing dates and keep them, whether it’s an hour a day or 2 pages a day.  Whatever works for you.  And no interruptions!

*  Keep it simple and stay connected to your work.

*  Form or join writers’ groups to stay inspired and accountable.

*  Learn the rules first and then break them.

*  You are not your job anymore when you write!  (Particularly important for those of us who have a full-time job outside the home)

I came home from the event completely high on life and motivated to throw myself back into my writing.  I am going to put myself on a schedule to write an hour a day – – even if it’s crap, I’m writing.

I think this is important in keeping myself mentally and emotionally healthy.  It’s made me realize I need to get my house in order – – by that I mean that writing is a priority to me and needs to be treated as such.

Happy Monday all!



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