Weekly Weigh In

Let me just start by saying HALLELUJAH!  A holiday weekend!  I don’t think I have ever needed a 3 day weekend more after this craptacular week.

Anyhow, let’s get the disgusting (for today) out of the way.  I weighed in at 145.6.  Yes, my weight went up by over two pounds from last Saturday’s official weigh in.  No surprise really.  Between the terrible week, the insane stress and my cheatin’ stomach . . . sigh.  I knew I was going to hit the 145 number.  I could feel it.  Because I work for a sole practitioner out of his home office, I must leave every day for lunch.  There is no breakroom for me, no refrigerator, no microwave.  If I don’t want to eat out every day (and what married with kid(s) person can do that?) I have to bring a cold/lukewarm lunch with me and I drive to the little plaza down the street and sit at one of the umbrella-topped tables.  Not a bad deal when the weather is temperate, which is probably the case 10 or so months out of the year.  However, when it’s 90-something degrees there is a reason I may be the only fool, I mean person, sitting outside with her lunch.  There are also the days when my neck and back bother me, as I have to sit on benches versus chairs (and I have neck and back problems from a car accident more than 10 years ago) and those are the days that I have to go sit in my car.  Thursday was one of those days.  What was remarkable was that sitting in my car, with my windows down to catch the nice breeze, and reading The Cutting Season (a great book so far, look for my review of it in October), I fell asleep.  Fell asleep sitting straight up and in a public parking lot where anyone could see either drooling or doing the neck snap thing where your head falls forward, back or to one side and you jerk awake and then look around to see if anyone saw you.  Or a combination of both.

Now I hadn’t done the falling asleep thing during lunch, or even felt drowsy during lunch, since I reassessed and decided to change my diet.  (Before then, it was a routine thing for me to feel wiped out after lunch).   So given that I cheated on my diet on Tuesday and on Wednesday, it was a real eye-opener as to what these “cheats” do to my body and my energy level.  I swore to myself that I would get back with the program.

I ate McDonald’s for lunch yesterday.  Yeah, that worked out well.  I had a lunchtime appointment, I was in a rush and well, shit, I just craved the crap.  So I had it.  I’m not going to lie. It was good.  Even knowing how I shouldn’t have been eating it.  It was good.  But I see the numbers today.  And I don’t feel as energetic as I did last weekend.  So you definitely pay the price.  And this was after I watched Super Size Me last weekend.

Regardless, this proves to me that I am susceptible to self soothing with food.  My boss made me completely understand boss-icide on Tuesday and my first instinct was to suck back a Dr. Pepper and get some food in me.  A vicious cycle, I tell you.

I have mentally beaten myself up appropriately and decided that yes, it was a slip but I need to get back with the program.  Plan B is in order.  Not with the diet so much but with my job situation.  When your stress level is off the charts more days than not and you’re not one of those crazy people that thrive on that mess, it’s time for a change.  So if any of you know someone in San Diego looking for a really awesome paralegal with a great (some may say sarcastic) sense of humor, let me know, okay?

In other news, I was floored by the “Authors Behaving Badly” post that went around my book blogging community.  I addressed it here on my book review site.  I invite you to read my post and read the original post that I linked back to.  If you still want to support author Emily Giffin after this, more power to you.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Labor Day weekend!


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