Struck by an epiphany . . . or something

Oh Friday, how I love you.  Casual Friday (me in jeans) is even better.  Know what’s even better than a Friday in jeans?  A Friday with my boss not in the office.  Yes, life is sweet today.

My car goes in the shop for a tune up tomorrow and I’m actually looking forward to this.  It means I have to go to the commissary tonight or Sunday (tonight I would pick Sunday; Sunday I would lament not going on Friday) as I have no desire to drive Hubby’s big-ass Ford “LOOK AT ME” truck but it also means that I will be stuck at home all day tomorrow.  I’m looking at that as a blessing.  No errand running means I can get laundry done, can read, can work on my writing.  All positives – – the reading and writing goes without saying and clean clothes are always good when you’re down to slim pickings in your closet.

I thought I would do some cleaning up around the apartment too.  It’s something I always aim for on the weekends and yet rarely accomplish.  When you have two adults, a teenager and a dog in a 2 bedroom apartment, having it clean and organized the  majority of the time is near impossible unless you don’t work outside the home.  I am not so fortunate.

But an epiphany hit me this morning.  I was mentally planning my day.  Drop the car off at 9, be back home by 9:30, start laundry and then clean.  Sounds good, right?  Or at least doable.  My problem is that I get easily distracted when I’m cleaning.  I may pick up an item in the family room that needs to go in the bedroom and viola!  I will start doing something in the bedroom.  Or vice versa.

So the more I thought about it, the more I realized I needed to have a time limit.  You should have a timeframe in mind while writing, correct?  So why not while cleaning too?  I really don’t want to spend the majority of one of my days off organizing and cleaning.  And I really am not that productive when I’m ADD-ing from one room to the other.  So I am instituting a 2-3 hour rule.  I will do laundry, clean and organize until lunchtime.  At lunchtime, I am done.  Period.  End of story.  If it doesn’t get done by lunchtime, it’s not getting done.

Then I can have the remainder of my day to do what’s important to me.  Not that laundry and cleaning isn’t important, of course but I’m tired of spending every Monday morning dragging because I didn’t read all I wanted to over the weekend, or I didn’t write as much as I’d like.  And on and on it goes.

We’ll see how this plan works in action tomorrow.

Happy Friday!


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