Do You Work From Home?

Today is a sad day for me.  My boss returns after being out of the office since Thursday.  How could four days go by so quickly?   How could I still not get everything caught up?  How could my boss be in Hawaii and still email and call me with things to do?  Questions of the universe.

During his absence it became very clear to me that I simply cannot be productive when he is there.  Ironic, no?  It’s amazing how much more I get done when he is gone.  Fewer to no interruptions, I can organize and work not only on my timetable but also in a manner that is most conducive for me.   Guaranteed that I will look like an escaped psychiatric patient by lunchtime today.

So I wonder . . . how many people truly work from home?  Do you work for yourself or are  you fortunate enough to telecommute?

With my current job there is no way I can work from home.  I am his only employee.  He works from his home office.  All files are there.  I have to use my personal email for my job; I don’t even have an email address on his server so there is no way he’s going to give me access to the network directory from my home computer or laptop.

I know that I should be grateful for the job but I’m just not happy.  I figure that I spend the majority of my time either dreading work, being depressed because I’m at work or totally exhausted at home because work saps my energy and drains my soul.  Other than my paycheck, there is no upside to my job.  I have no co-workers, I am fairly isolated throughout the day and my workday is wholly dictated by his schedule.  Even my lunch, which I take according to his timetable.  Because I’m working from his home, I have no breakroom to go to and therefore must leave each and every day to drive down the street to a little shopping center to either sit outside alone to eat my sandwich or (weather unpermitting) sit in my car alone to eat my sandwich.  Because I have to eat sandwiches almost every day due to the fact that without a breakroom, I have no microwave or refrigerator access.

Sheesh, I am making myself depressed just typing this.

Wanting also to be a writer, exhausted and depressed don’t necessarily jibe.  Sure, it can work for tortured people like Hemingway and Sylvia Plath and can possibly explain why Danielle Steel wrote that crap for years or people are reading Fifty Shades of Grey and getting dysfunctionally pitter-pattery over that pig Christian.  But I’m finding it difficult.  Not just difficult, downright impossible.  This may be why I’m Bravo’s bitch.  Because when I am mentally and emotionally tapped out, I can’t seem to find it in myself to dig into my head and get creative with a novel.  I can, however, zone out in front of the tv all evening.  Not good.

Back to my point.  I would love to work from home.  I already work by myself, for the most part, all day.  I am definitely a morning person and most productive before lunch.   An early riser, I could probably accomplish so much more if I could start working at 5 or 6 a.m. and be done before lunch.  Naturally, that doesn’t work in a traditional office setting.

So, do you work from home?  If so, are you more productive versus working outside the home?  Do you find yourself distracted by household things?  And if you are also a writer, do you find you have more time for your writing and are more inspired and creative?



5 thoughts on “Do You Work From Home?

  1. “…people are reading Fifty Shades of Grey and getting dysfunctionally pitter-pattery over that pig Christian.” ROFL

    My boss went in to have his pacemaker replaced and called us from the recovery room. The second he could physically hold a phone to his ear, he had his daughter dial the office number. He couldn’t formulate actual words yet, but no matter!

    • Good grief, Liasings, what did your boss hope to accomplish? To HEAR you working through the phone? Holy cow. These people are nuts.

      I do recall transcribing a tape years ago for a boss and hearing running water in the background and then . . . a flush? Yep, he was dictating while he was in the men’s room. The bathroom is absolutely off limits for me. Don’t call me, don’t knock, no discussion of work whatsoever. Bad enough that I can hear the phone ringing while I’m in there!

      • He’s the control freak other control freaks point at and “Daaa-yummm!” about. He assumes that everyone else is an idiot and that if he does not micromanage on the sub-atomic level that something will go wrong. And he fears technology. We didn’t get the internet on our workstations until a little over a year ago.

      • Jeebus. My boss isn’t quite that bad. We did have the internet when I started working here almost 2 years ago. We finally got scanning capability about a month ago- – thank goodness! Clients were miffed by the fact that we couldn’t email them certain things. I’m trying to break him of his heavy, heavy paper habit but I’m losing this match so far. He is most definitely a hoarder. I’m finding files and newsletters from as far back as 1977. I think it’s safe to let them go, crazy pathblazer that I am.

        I swear, people like your boss and my boss really push the argument for working from home!

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