Fuck you, Monday

Well fuck you . . . for sure . .  . like, totally!

If you’re a fan of Valley Girl (and why shouldn’t you be?  It’s an awesome early 80s flick and Nicolas Cage is in it and he’s drop dead gorgeous and this is before he became weird, smelly looking and broke and named his kid Kal-El), you recognize the above quote.  It’s Randy’s response when Valley Girl Julie dumps him.  Today it’s my response to Monday because I want to dump it.

Why are Mondays so universally awful?  Nevermind the time change which really sucks ass when it’s Spring Forward.  I love that it stays light longer – – it’s really agitating to have your body think it’s time for bed at 4:30 pm because it’s dark outside.  Especially when you work until 5 pm.  Losing that extra hour though . . . ouch.  It’s only an hour so why does it feel as though we lost an entire week?

I think I have a real hate-hate relationship with Mondays because I spend so much of my Sunday thinking “Ugh! Tomorrow is Monday!  Kill me now!”  I know that I sound as though I am a horrid pessimist who should be writing depressing, suicidal poetry in my spare time, when I’m not drinking liters of gin and chain smoking to Trisha Yearwood or Travis Tritt or some other highly depressive country artist.   And just as a disclaimer:  I do not drink gin, I do not smoke cigarettes or anything else and I do not listen to country music.

But I digress.  I realized yesterday that I have lost my passion.  My passion for books – – I can’t seem to sit down and just read.  My mind wanders all over the place and I’m constantly thinking of everything else I need to do.  My passion for old movies – – when I sit down to watch, I find myself wandering again.  (Although I do covet those stunning evening dresses and lounging pajamas the women wore in the 1930s – – if I had a time machine . . . ).  My passion for writing.  I think about writing and what I want to write constantly but disciplining myself to sit down and write is another story.  So yeah . . . I’m a wanderer.

So my question for you, dear reader, is this.  What do you do to sustain your passion or regain your passion?  Whatever that passion may be – – books, writing, movies, cooking, sports.  You get the drift.  How do you keep it going with the demands of work (if your passion is a hobby), family (because kids can be a major drain on, well, everything) and daily life in general (because the laundry isn’t going to wash itself and the groceries don’t just show up in the pantry and fridge, unfortunately).

And maybe an even bigger question – – how do we get three day weekends to become the norm??

p.s. – Sorry for the lack of graphics or pictures.  I had a hot picture of Nicolas Cage as Randy selected, as well as at least one other graphic but they are refusing to load.  Why?  (All together now)  Because it’s Monday!


3 thoughts on “Fuck you, Monday

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  2. The only one that I seem to share with you is the writing issue and I really can’t give you any suggestions because I’m still trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with me. I even have my novel started and it has just been sitting there for over a year. I guess the line, “Butt in chair” just doesn’t sit right with me. Sit right, get it? LOL!

    And I totally agree about Mondays. Mine was particularly a scene from hell yesterday. First visit with ye ole divorce attorney in downtown Nashville, And it was raining and the idiots were out in droves. Then, when I finished, I couldn’t get out of the parking garage. Yeah, I don’t get downtown too often. 😉

    Hang in there, Lori. There’s a three day weekend in your future…in May. (Don’t hit me)

  3. I’m sorry your Monday was full of suckage, Michelle. Spending the afternoon with an attorney – ugh. Bad drivers multiplying due to the rain – ugh. Parking garage confusion – I feel you, sister. Seriously, I have been known to get turned around in one and, like you, I am smarter than ten Paris Hiltons put together (AT LEAST). Hang in there, my friend.

    As far as the writing goes . . . I know what you mean. I have what I think is a great idea. The characters talk to me in my head all day. It’s just a question of sitting down (butt in seat!) and getting what’s in my head to the screen. I tend to get distracted with other ideas too, so I’m not sure if it’s late onset ADD (joking . . . I think) or laziness or a fear of actually completing something.

    Anyhow, I have a great online “class” that I purchased thanks to author Kara Louise, broken into 8-15 minute installments for quick and easy learning. I need to get back into viewing that because I find myself reenergized and newly motivated.

    Happy Tuesday!

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