Get Excited!

I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it
From The Pointer Sisters’ “I’m So Excited”

The title of this post is fairly ironic, given that I am writing this in my pajamas, wishing that I didn’t have to get ready and go to work today.  I can honestly say I am rarely excited about my job.  However, I was thinking about writing when I conceived this idea and how to stay inspired.

Haven’t you read a book that had you so wrapped up, so excited that you didn’t want to put it down?  You couldn’t wait to read it again, it was that good.  You thought about the characters and empathized with their emotions or even stepped into their shoes to the point that you felt they were real, living people?  Come on, you know you have at some point.  I normally read during my lunch hour as I am always on my own.  I won’t lie – – there have been a few times that I have been late coming back because I simply had to finish a chapter.  In one case, I wanted to finish the book because I didn’t feel I could wait another five to six hours to find out how the story concluded.

Now remember those feelings.  Do you feel that way when you write?

I don’t mean every moment of every day.  But if you go to your keyboard feeling as if this is a job, a duty, telling yourself “I just have to get out x-number of words or pages today and I can be done”, why bother?   If you don’t have excitement over telling your story, why should a reader have excitement over reading it?

Being a writer is a tough calling.  Non-writers don’t understand.  They believe we power up our computer and happily start typing, that words just fly out with no problems at all.  They don’t understand the painstaking deliberation over one sentence or the inner struggle we can have over naming even a minor character or the way we can doubt ourselves and our creativity.  Some days it’s rougher than others.

But I still consider it a gift.  I love that I write.  I love that I (usually) love to write.  I love that I can come up with a story in my head with the snap of a finger, just by observing random people or hearing a quick blurb on the tv.  I even love that I am such a grammar and spelling nerd that I go crazy over mistakes.

So let’s get excited!  Whatever your story is, whether it’s a novel, short story, screenplay or poem . . . it’s exciting! It excited you enough to expand on it and decide to commit it to paper (as well as devote a great portion of your days and weeks to it).  Remember your reader . . . if you aren’t excited, they won’t be either.


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