Still Kicking

keep-calm-cause-i-m-still-hereYes, I am still here. Alive and well, relatively speaking. I have gone through a few of the toughest months of my life and while I would never want to repeat them, with perspective they have provided me a great deal of insight into myself.

I am a writer. Despite the fact I have not been blogging here and I am so far behind on my book reviews that I’m certain publishers and authors believe I have absconded off with their books (or at least fallen into the Pacific), my brain has constantly shifted into “writer mode” to deal with the high levels of stress. I have thought about how I can write about my situation and have journaled my feelings and situation on my laptop. Even in grief, the written word commands. And it heals. It’s cathartic to write down your emotions, even painful ones. I may never read those words again but I have released them and I feel I can move on. I am adapting, my laugher isn’t forced and there is sunshine on my horizon.

It’s so true that when you are going through a crisis you find out who your friends really are. I have been blessed by my family and friends who continue to lift me up, support me and encourage me. Without that, it would be easy to crawl into a dark hole and wither rather than really spread my wings and FLY.

So back to writing. I feel rejuvenated, energized, focused and driven. You may not see it on my book review site but in my down time, I am a busy bee. Working, working, working.

So let’s talk shop. What are you writing? When do you write? How do you stay focused and on track?


3 thoughts on “Still Kicking

  1. I’m so glad that writing has been an outlet for you. I should have been journaling what I’ve been going through, but sometimes I think about it so much, or did in the beginning, that writing about it just felt like too much. Still, on the point of writing, my fiction writing is still suffering because I’ve been crazy busy with work. I know some of it has to do with my time management skills. After being out of the workforce for so long, it’s hard to try to manage my time effectively, especially working from home. And I just picked up another client this week. Great for my pocket, but…whew…I better start improving my management of time! How is your new job going?

    Also, we talked about going back to church. Did you go? I have not been back yet. I don’t know what it is. Every time I think of going, I get all weird. Maybe I’m not ready to face a place where I used to go with my husband. I don’t know. God…I’m crying. How weird is that?! I thought I was past all that. Ugh!

    Well, I certainly didn’t mean to be Debbie Downer. 😉 I’m so glad that you’re doing better. Remember, give a shout on FB if you ever need an ear. *hugs*

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