About Me

I am Lori, a 40-plus writer, mom to a Boston Terrier and paralegal (which pays the bills until I sell my book!)  I currently live in sunny Orange County, California – – the happiest place on earth!

Reading is one of my great passions; I am a voracious reader, leading to my brain and imagination (hopefully) expanding but it can also lead to the hips and waist expanding.  I am obsessed with Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice sequels, prequels and knock offs, mysteries, historical fiction and true crime.  I have a book review site, Psychotic State Book Reviews (www.psychoticstate.net) so please stop by and say hello.

I also love old movies, particularly those made in the early 1930s.  Boy, did people know how to glam it up and dress then!   If I had a time machine . . .  I am especially partial to Joan Crawford, Myrna Loy, Norma Shearer, William Powell, Jimmy Stewart and Clark Gable.

I am fascinated with England (see above, the obsession with Jane Austen) and this girl is planning a trip in 2014 to England, Ireland and Scotland for the first time.  So stick around!

I don’t smoke and I drink very little (I do enjoy a wine cooler every now and again).  My biggest vice is ice cream and (shamefully) Dr. Pepper.

I have found that after hitting 35, my metabolism changed and I became an emotional eater.  Whenever my husband is deployed, I tend to soothe myself with food.   Being small boned and only 5’4″, I can’t carry much extra weight without it being noticeable (and without my pants threatening to bust seams and/or buttons).

I was diagnosed with acid reflux and GERD 3-4 years ago and I suffer from the after-effects of whiplash from a car accident (i.e., neck cramps and pain, back pain and stiffness, headaches – – all that fun stuff!).  My job can exacerbate all these symptoms; the majority of the day I work at a computer or am buried in files at my desk.  Very sedentary.  Very bad on my back, my neck and my body in general.

So here I am.  Ready for a change.  And ready to finish my book and get it published.

Welcome to my world and thanks for joining me!


7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello Lori, welcome to the blog The Journey Up The Mountain. I hope you noticed that it is completed. However, reading what you say above you may be interested in my Self-healing by Meditational Focus by which, amongst other things, I healed myself of the effects of seriously damaged cervical vertebrae 5,6 and 7. In my profile here is a link to the site of my writings.

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