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People Like Me Are Why You Need a Good Proofreader

Poor grammar and spelling appear to be an epidemic affecting our country.  Okay, so maybe it’s not as newsworthy or mind blowing as obesity, gun control, homelessness, etc.  But for self-titled Grammar Nazis like myself, finding free and loose spelling and grammar in print is like nails on a chalkboard.  (Insert high-pitched screech here).   Unfortunately I … Continue reading

Random Wednesday Thoughts

Don’t you always hate starting your day thinking it’s actually one day closer to the weekend?  I woke up this morning and I would have sworn it was Thursday.  I actually had to verify that it was indeed Hump Day by looking at the calendar. I had a strange dream early this morning that seems … Continue reading


Last night was the night.  I received my critique from my draft first chapter. I can’t lie.  I was disappointed.  The idea I have is good but my writing is an issue.  The first half of my chapter was too much “telling” and not “showing”.  My instructor noted that she was quickly bored and I … Continue reading

Weekly Weigh In

Let me just start by saying HALLELUJAH!  A holiday weekend!  I don’t think I have ever needed a 3 day weekend more after this craptacular week. Anyhow, let’s get the disgusting (for today) out of the way.  I weighed in at 145.6.  Yes, my weight went up by over two pounds from last Saturday’s official … Continue reading