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Weekly Weigh In

So I decided to follow my friend Megan’s advice and officially weigh myself in only once a week instead of daily.  Of course I have still been getting on the scale every morning and watching my weight fluctuate all over the board.  It’s crazy.  In any event, my weight this morning was 143 pounds.  I … Continue reading

Keep it Moving

I am titling this post with a phrase that my friend Donna uses a lot – – have to keep it moving!  I haven’t posted in several days – – bad me.  Sometimes life gets in the way of living, if you know what I mean.   But I am still sticking with the diet although I … Continue reading

Day Twelve – No Loss

I forewarn you, I am starting this post feeling grouchy and downright discouraged.  Why?  Because I gained weight yet again.  Yes, I know it happens.  And I know I need to stick with my plan and I’ll start losing again.  But it’s frustrating, nonetheless, when you don’t see results and the fruits of your labor. We … Continue reading

Day Eleven

Ah, Thursday.  Why are Thursdays usually so long and taxing?  My mood was good yesterday but I was thoroughly exhausted and longing for my pajamas and my bed or sofa by the time I left work.  I was busy all day; the kind of day where I had very few breaks in between.  I was … Continue reading

Day Ten

Starting Weight:  144.0 pounds Exercise:  Walking G, morning and evening Acid Reflux:  None Breakfast:  Weight Loss Shake (WalMart Equate brand) Morning Snack:  Dill pickles with fat free ranch Lunch:  Santa Fe Chicken Salad Afternoon Snack:  Corn Muffin Dinner:  Cheesy Chicken with Broccoli and Rice Well, it’s Wednesday.  If we can get through today, we have … Continue reading

Day Nine

Starting Weight:  144.6 pounds Exercise:  Walking G in the morning and evening Acid Reflux:  None! Breakfast:  Weight Loss Shake (WalMart brand Equate) Morning Snack:  SlimFast snack bar Lunch:  Peanut butter and jelly sandwich on wheat Afternoon Snack:  None (this is becoming a habit) Dinner:  Chicken, green beans and tomatoes I’m down 5 pounds!  Woot!  The … Continue reading

Day Eight

Starting Weight:  146.2 pounds Exercise:  Walking G, morning and evening; took the stairs instead of the elevator Acid Reflux:  What acid reflux? Breakfast:  Weight Loss Shake (Walmart brand Equate) Morning Snack:  Corn muffin Lunch:  Peanut butter & jelly sandwich on wheat Afternoon Snack:  None (work continues to interfere with my afternoon snack) Dinner:  Leftover chicken and … Continue reading

Day Seven

Starting Weight:  147.0 pounds Exercise:  Walking the dog, morning and evening Acid Reflux:  None Sunday, Sunday.  Why do Sundays go by so quickly? Like most of the country, we are still having unseasonably hot weather.  I feel like a hot sweaty mess when I get back from walking G – – even early in the … Continue reading

Day Six

Starting Weight:  147.8 pounds Exercise:   Walking the dog Acid Reflux:  None (hooray!) Oh, how I love Saturdays.  I don’t have to wake up early to head in to work (although I am still, sadly, an early riser) and I know that tomorrow I can also sleep in (if I choose and if I could!) My … Continue reading

Day Five

Starting Weight:  148.6 pounds Exercise:  Walking the dog Acid Reflux:  None It’s Friday!  It’s Friday!  To say that I’m happy it’s finally Friday would be an understatement, if you can’t tell. It was more gratifying to get on the scale this morning and see at least a pound coming off.  Nothing so discouraging as weighing … Continue reading