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Remembering Richard Matheson

Richard MathesonFebruary 20, 1926 – June 24, 2013 Hearing yesterday afternoon that writer Richard Matheson passed away struck a profound chord in me. While Mr. Matheson is best known and remembered for his horror works (he penned Hell House and I Am Legend, among others) and writing the iconic “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet” episode of … Continue reading

World War Z: A Review

I went to see World War Z yesterday and while I looked forward to seeing it, I wasn’t sure what to expect. There’s the usual hype that accompanies a Brad Pitt film and a zombie apocalypse film to boot but I recall hearing that the film was tweaked and reshot and normally that doesn’t bode … Continue reading

Please Excuse My Absence

Have no fear, I am still here (or so Dr. Seuss would say in his unique and catchy way).  I have been going through an emotional upheaval and change in situation that has prevented me from posting.  No worries – – you won’t hear of me trashing a hotel room or shaving my head and … Continue reading

Random Wednesday Thoughts

Don’t you always hate starting your day thinking it’s actually one day closer to the weekend?  I woke up this morning and I would have sworn it was Thursday.  I actually had to verify that it was indeed Hump Day by looking at the calendar. I had a strange dream early this morning that seems … Continue reading