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Isn’t It Okay To Be Child-Free?

I’ve been following posts on another blog about child-free weddings and I have to tell you . . . I don’t understand most people. Let me explain.  The initial discussion was whether banning children from weddings was offensive to them and their parents.  Nothing too shocking to me or too novel. I am amazed how many people … Continue reading

And I’m Back!

Okay, so I’ve been horrible about posting daily.  In fact, it’s been two weeks since I posted last.  I have no excuse other than life always seems to get in the way.  And by life I mean working at my job (that most days I don’t like), paying bills, grocery shopping, running errands, the Husband … Continue reading

Day One

So my journey begins . . . I am a writer by nature but I have never written about my eating habits, exercise habits or my lifestyle (other than snarking about celebrities).  Writing about my weight, my food consumption and my absolute lack of exercise seemed too personal somehow to share; plus I thought who … Continue reading