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Still Kicking

Yes, I am still here. Alive and well, relatively speaking. I have gone through a few of the toughest months of my life and while I would never want to repeat them, with perspective they have provided me a great deal of insight into myself. I am a writer. Despite the fact I have not … Continue reading

Originally posted on becomeanauthor:
  A number of years ago I was at a writers conference. We were between seminars, waiting for lunch, if I recall, when I found myself talking to a few other writers. We got to exchanging stories of woe, how we couldn’t get published and the cards were so much stacked…

Fuck you, Monday

Well fuck you . . . for sure . .  . like, totally! If you’re a fan of Valley Girl (and why shouldn’t you be?  It’s an awesome early 80s flick and Nicolas Cage is in it and he’s drop dead gorgeous and this is before he became weird, smelly looking and broke and named his … Continue reading

Staying Positive?

For all the wonderfulness that Sunday brought and carried into Monday, yesterday was one of those days that made me question nearly every decision I have ever made while running into oncoming traffic, screaming about Big Brother.  Or something. My day job literally made me crazy.  I have too much to do, not enough time to … Continue reading

Day Six

Starting Weight:  147.8 pounds Exercise:   Walking the dog Acid Reflux:  None (hooray!) Oh, how I love Saturdays.  I don’t have to wake up early to head in to work (although I am still, sadly, an early riser) and I know that tomorrow I can also sleep in (if I choose and if I could!) My … Continue reading